Monday, September 20, 2010

Confession time. In this blog, I have often lamented the ignorance and inattentiveness of the motorist when engaging a bicyclist. However, today I almost nailed a biker. Coming out of the establishment that changes my oil in the "geezermobile Buick" the street I turn onto is usually quite busy. Having checked both directions and seeing no autos, I began pulling onto the street. But, much to my astonishment and chagrin, a bicyclist ran directly into my path from the left. Yes, he was riding on the wrong side of the street but I still should have seen him. With my 60 year old cat like quickness I applied the breaks and missed hitting him by less that a foot. I absolutely did not see him. He was not in my visual arena. I have been told and have, in fact, told many people to ride a bicycle like you are invisible. The lesson here is to realize most people do not try to hit bicyclists but when they do it's because they actually do not see them. I will now resolve to have more patience with those motorists who turn my rides into adventures.
On another note, last Friday I took several bikers on a twenty mile trip to nearby Metamora, had lunch, and returned in time to drive to Champaign to watch the Fighing Illini pulverize the lowly SIU Salukies. Okay, Okay, what are they doing playing a team two divisions below them. Hey a win is a win. But, I digress. The trip is sponsored by the Washington Park District. We had a great time on the ride and the Park District is having me lead a group on October 9th to nearby Goodfield for lunch. This should be about a 40 mile trek and, with novice riders, it looks to be a lot of fun. I set a leisurely pace and anyone who would like to turn it into a race, you win. More later.

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