Monday, August 30, 2010

Biking update-Averaging about 200 miles per week. The weather has been extremely hot 93-95 with a heat index around 105. It may be hot but at least its humid!!
Anyone interested, the Washington Park district has requested that I lead a group of bicycle enthusiast on a ride from Russells Cycle shop in Washington to Metamora, do lunch and back to Russells. This event is on the 11th of September and begins at 11:00 a.m. Round trip is about 35 miles and should be finished in about two hours. All levels of riders are welcome. Then on October 9th they want me to lead a group from Russells to Busy Corners Cafe in Goodfield. We leave at 11:00, do lunch and ride back to Russells. Round trip is around 35 miles. all levels of riders are welcome and we should be back in around two hours. Anyone who would like to make this into a race--you win!! Apparently, the head of the park district seems to think I know the back roads around Tazewell and Woodford County and could safely lead a group. Ha! what do they know. I hope I don't get lost. Anyway, everyone is welcome to join me and I'm looking forward to the experience. Jim, Ira, Karen, Barbie, Hank, and anyone else from the 09 cross country ride is welcome. Note: there are no great climbs, it is relatively short, the corn and bean fields should be picked so the scenery would consist of farm fields that have incorporated conservation tillage. We could have great fun mocking those farmers still using "full till" farming.
Look forward to seeing everyone!!


  1. Have you ever thought of leading a tour around town pointing out the history of the area ? You could convince a bike shop to sponsor maybe even providing bikes to kids who do not have them. Combining your teaching skills and biking.

  2. Great Idea. I'm sure the local bike shop would support it.