Thursday, May 20, 2010

Okay followers. I'm officially jealous of the riders of the XC10 cross country bikers. They have not encountered any headwinds the entire trip to date. Their blogs exclaim riding at an average of 22 mph with tailwinds virtually every day. I think they can thank the XC09 riders for using up all the headwinds. In addition, they have not, as yet, had to ride through an all day downpour. Recall Hamburg NY to Canadiaga among others. We must have used those up also. Anyway, I hope this doesn't jinx their journey and wish them continued safety and success.
On another note, I have given the last of my bike program for the season. The Sierra Club at Forest Park Nature center was the venue. An overflow crowd attended but they didn't have the technology I needed (compatible computer, projector). However, I always bring backup equipment just in case so the evening progressed as planned. The highlight for me was the vegan treats following my program. I also received a recycled pen made from discarded materials. Sierra Club members who requested the Youtube site I have provided it on this post.
Today's local paper covered the Peoria bike clubs silent bike ride to bring attention to those bikers who were killed or injured in encounters with trucks and cars. The state of Illinois is making it a misdemeanor crime to hit a biker and a felony to hit and seriously injury or kill a bicyclist. It passed both houses and is awaiting the governors signature. The article also stated many bikers have had near misses while biking. I suggest ALL bicyclists fall into that category! I am traveling to North Carolina next week and taking my bike. Hopefully I can find interesting and challenging bike trails. More later.


  1. Champ,

    I am only jealous of not being able to enjoy the experience of biking each day.

    Hope you are doing well.


  2. Thanks Ira. Doing fine. I enjoy reading the XC10 blogs. How about you? Are you following any of them. If the "posse" Dalton gang gets together for a ride in your neck of the woods let me know. You might need to chase down a "bandit" I would be available.