Monday, May 10, 2010

Mixed feelings viewing Jims posting of the pictures of the XC10 group that left yesterday for their journey across America on a bicycle. I had to chuckle seeing them leaving the beach and immediately begin climbing at a 10% grade. While a little envious, I am familiar with the difficulties (headwinds, 12-14% climbs, numb body parts, traffic, possibly going over ones handlebars) and other hardships they will encounter. At the same time they will experience the thrills, friendships awesome scenic views and other positive dimensions that are part of the trip. Just so they know, the bad days (ex, Tumcumcari-Delhart) will fade and the good days will eventually prevail making the experience a once in a lifetime, memorable episode. I recall on a particularly horrific rainy day in Pennsylvania that Hank mentioned "we will look back and forget was a horrible day it was"
I was so motivated by Jim's pics that I did a 50 miler today. It was a beautiful day to ride a bicycle though the farmlands of central Illinois. I would like to inform fellow riders who still follow this blog that the fields are about a month ahead in terms of plant growth. In fact, I thought it interesting that as we passed through central Illinois last year, the plant height then ( a month into the ride) is about what it is today. I was mildly amused that Chris G. had trouble identifying the difference between corn beans and wheat plants.
XC10 riders-I wish you well and may the wind be forever at your back!

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  1. I biked up that 10% grade yesterday and it was not that bad.