Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weather-Temp: 58 degrees Wind ENE 15-20 mph

Today was a 55 mile ride to Le Roy. The wind was mostly in my face or a cross wind, which made the trip a little more arduous than normal. I made the mistake of putting on a new saddle (seat) for the journey to see if I can use it on my cross country trip and my buttocks are paying the price. Once again I met some very friendly people in Le Roy. Doris, the owner of the local watering hole (I would give the name of it but I don't know it. I stopped to renew vital fluids I may have lost during the ride), another nice lady who I didn't get her name and Ken the retired school teacher made my wait time pleasant. I suspect during my cross country trip I will meet many interesting people and I look forward to it. In the meantime, I'm looking for something to take the soreness from my backside!


  1. I don't know that drinking beer really counts as renewing vital fluids.