Friday, April 10, 2009

Weather: 55 degrees Wind-ENE 6 mph-beautiful day to ride

Yesterday's ride was a 62 mile traverse around the countryside of Tazewell and Woodford county. Average speed was 15.2 mph. While it was mostly uneventful I am constantly amazed at how some drivers react to a bicyclist on the road. For the most part, bicycle accidents with cars are through bikers negligence or the inattention of the auto drivers. The bicyclist motto is "ride like you are invisible" because in many cases drivers are looking for other cars and often are not aware of bicycles on the road. Usually nothing malicious occurs because of the inherent dangers involved. Any bicyclist can tell countless stories of "near misses" and in some cases getting hit. Its part of sharing the road with multi-ton vehicles. But, there are occasions when that is not the case. So, during yesterdays ride, with a stripped middle line dividing the road and no cars in the lane I am riding, a car approaches from the opposite direction. As it is closing on me it swerves over the middle line into my lane and is headed directly for me. I apply my brakes and begin taking action to avert a collision. Then, the car steers back into its proper lane and, as it passes me, the kids in the vehicle are laughing and waving at me. Very funny! Four teenagers in a car on a lonely country road having fun with the bicyclist. I don't see the humor. This is not an indictment of teenagers in general. I have worked with them all my life and they are basically a wonderful group of people. Unfortunately, a few idiots gives the rest a bad rep. And besides, I have had close encounters with old "geezers" as well. Enough for this entry, its time to replenish my "vital fluids"

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  1. well, I agree. many good and bad drivers out there