Monday, October 19, 2009

Rode yesterday the same training roads I used to ride a year ago in southern Illinois near Carbondale. My bike computer malfunctioned so I did a three hour ride and covered over 50 miles. The terrain consisted of rolling hills and the wind was at my back the for first 27 miles but returning it was a constant 15-20 mph in my face. It reminded me of the eastern part of Kansas. For some odd reason, the route was much easier than I remember. Perhaps riding 3,415 miles had something to do with it. Finished my 10th presentation to the Washington Lyons club and plan on doing at least two more full program presentations.


  1. I have experienced the same feeling with all my rides since I returned. It is definitely easier once you ride those 3,400 miles as you have the experience that you have ridden in all types of conditions and situations. Still waiting for you to post the presentation on your blog.