Thursday, October 1, 2009

For those who still check in from time to time, I am in the process of presenting programs to various groups who are interested in my trans-continental riding experience. Apparently many people seem extremely interested. I have given 8 presentations so far and have another 4 scheduled. Rotary clubs, lions clubs, library programs, Sierra Club, church groups and school groups have requested a program presentation of some sort. I present in three different formats. Without any audio/visual equipment it is a short summary of the ride followed by questions from the audience. Depending on time and AV equipment available, I give a 15-20 minute summary with a video slide show made by local photographers Kevin May and Rich Burk. It shows me, the riders on the journey and many of the people I met and photographed along the way. Then, Kevin set it to the song "Takin care of business". I suggest he did an excellent job with the limited subject (me) with which he had to work. The 45 minute program includes a travelogue PowerPoint providing a photo journey with selected pictures from each state I crossed, followed by the video slide show and culminated by a question/answer session. After I am finished I will attempt to put the video slide show on my blog so interested spectators can enjoy it. I must stress, however, that the reason I agreed to present these programs is not so much to pat myself on the back and say "gee look what I did." I focus on the theme set by the Teddy Roosevelt quote recited by Tracy on the first meeting of our trip. Its all about setting goals, knowing there will be ups and downs, and doing ones best to accomplish those goals. I then use my ride to exemplify this concept. If anyone reading this would like to schedule a program feel free to contact me. Sorry Hank, can't go to California right now. Too many fires!!

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  1. Champ,

    I look forward to seeing your presentation on the blog. Hopefully alcohol consumption is discussed as fuel.