Sunday, May 28, 2017

 In my training ride to Champaign yesterday (training for the Champaign to Boston ride) I got a flat tire just north of Bloomington on route 150. Having changed flats about a gazillion times, well maybe not that many but I could do it blindfolded, this would be a piece of cake. After replacing the tube I began filling it with CO2. I use the cartridges because it i...s usually very quick. The first one malfunctioned so I used another. It also malfunctioned. I had one left so I was about to call my emergency rescurer (the lovely Veronica) when a motorist stopped.
"You okay? You need any help?" the lady in the car inquired.
Knowing the answer before I even asked I replied "yea, do you have a bike pump?" The chances of someone stopping with a bike pump were slim to none.
"Sure, it's in my trunk."
WHAT, WHAT, WHAT? I was amazed. LIterally. This was impossible!!
She then opened the trunk of her auto and, sure enough, a large standing bicycle pump, with a gage, similar to the one I use at home was smiling at me.
After inflating my tire to it's proper level, I thanked the kind lady profusely and continued down the road.
As I was riding I was still bewildered at my good luck. First, what were the chances that anyone would stop (actually 3 motorist inquired if I needed help) and secondly of those who would stop how many carry a standing bicycle pump in the trunk of the car? They are not strong enough to inflate a car tires. I did ask and Christine, the driver who stopped, said she had used it earlier that day on her bike and was taking it to her house. Talk about luck!! Maybe I should go to the gambling boat. Anyway, a feel good story from my biking experience.

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