Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A perfect day for training ride. Encompassing most of the elements for my distance ride in June it was a great day for training. With a brisk southerly wind (15 mph gusting to 25 ) riding up a 4 mile 10% grade, maneuvering through speeding autos and yes even having a idiot turn in front of me in an intersection, I think I'm getting closer to being prepared. The only element missing was rain. My route ran from Washington to East Peoria via Germantown hills. The ride began with the wind at my back and mostly downhill. I could do this all day. After 15 miles I reversed course. As I started my climb up the hills to Germantown at 10% grade I felt great. Ha, I thought, "this isn't so hard." Half way up the hill a 200 pound gorilla jumped on my back. Anyone who has run distance races in track knows exactly what I'm talking about. My arrogant attitude quickly changed to "I hope I have enough fuel in the tank and lower gears to make it to the top." From previous rides I know better than to look for the top because it seems it never gets closes. I finally arrived at the summit of the hill and thought the worst was over. Ha, wrong dragon breath! That nice tailwind I had was now a howling 15-20 mile head wind. And, I was still 10 miles from my house. Finally with two miles to go I began crossing route 24. I was fortunate because the light was green and I wouldn't have to stop. As I entered the intersection some numbnuts turned right in front of me. Unfortunately I had not turned on my bike cam. I did gesture in a friendly manner and wished him a good day. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it). Like I said earlier, it was a perfect training day. At least it didn't rain.


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