Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Finished our annual jaunt to Florida to take a vacation from the frozen tundra of Central Illinois.  Over 200 miles of biking in what was mostly bright, sunny (80 degree) days.  Only one day of the two weeks were not bicycle worthy.  35 mph winds and storms.  And yes, I did ride that day.  Like I said in my facebook post,"one windy, rainy day in south Florida is still better that any day on a stationary bike at the rec center."  One of the oddities of my rides was a sign outside a construction zone that actually deterred me from walking my bike across the area.  Located above it read "NO TRESPASSING......anyone who trespasses on this property commits a FELONY!  That was a first for me and inspired me to take the five mile detour.  All in all a great vacation.
On another note, it looks like I will be doing the Champaign to Boston segment of the cross country tour this year.  I tried to talk Hank into joining me and he might do it if all things work out.  Hopefully he will be able to so.  We can get the band back together.  Stay tuned.

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