Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fat Tire ride around lake Geneva Wisc.  Started late, around 10:00, due to he rain.  With Roger, an experienced biker, and Rick, still with rookie skills, we made our way around the lake. Many of the younger riders stop at every bar along the way, we made two stops.  One was about a mile from the start and the last was before the "big hill".  While it is very hilly it is interesting watching the youngsters struggle but they are there mostly for the party atmosphere.  The last major hill of the day is about a mile long and varies from 12-17 percent  incline.  Ninety percent of the riders wind up walking their bikes up the hill.  Roger and I are still able to bike it but Rick struggles.  But, I give him credit for attempting the ride and not giving up.  
Thursday book presentation is for the Peoria Womans Book club.  Should be quite interesting.

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