Saturday, May 14, 2016

Observations after my first 100 mile bicycle ride of the season from Washington to Champaign. To begin, a big shout out to brother Larry for allowing me to use his abode to rest, recuperate and re hydrate. Next, kudos to the motorists who passed me today. There were NOT ANY close calls, near misses, obscene hand gestures or vulgar language hailed in my direction during the entire ride. I appreciated it very much. On another note, the farm fields do not need any more rain at this time. Field ponds were so numerous many had small geese and ducks frolicking like those visiting Walden Pond. And, I suppose it was because of all the excess water, the road was littered in places with smashed frogs. I found that phenomena very.......wait for it...WAIT FOR IT............ riveting (ribit, irbit). I surmised these amphibians finally......wait for it......WAIT FOR IT............CROAKED!! Just sayin. I know, I know. Too much time on the bike. I need to get a life.

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