Thursday, August 13, 2015

Great week of riding.  Rode to Champaign a week ago, LeRoy twice.  Bad news.  When I ride to LeRoy, a 55 miler, I always stop at DJ's bar to rehydrate.  My favorite bar owner Doris would always have a beverage waiting upon my arrival.  I have mentioned her before in this blog.  This wonderful 70+ lady even called to make sure we were ok after the Washington tornado.  I first met her during my training for my cross country event.  Yesterday I decided to ride to LeRoy.  Ronni was waiting for me with the van.  I began changing and she went to the front of the bar.  It was closed.  We thought it might just be a temporary thing and drove home.  Ronni called and her daughter answered the phone.  Doris died about a week ago.  She fell and hit her head leading to her demise.  She was a fine lady and always found time to talk with us when we visited.  Doris will be missed.

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