Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Two negative comments from politicians posted on facebook the last week.  One was from ED Orcott from Seattle Washington who declared that bikers were causing environmental problems.  His reasoning was because bikers exhale excess CO2 we are destroying the Ozone.  Because of this he advocates having a bike tax.  He is obviously an idiot.
And, Limburger, the radio ranter stated that older people should not bike.  His was a reaction to John Kerry falling and breaking his leg.  Another example of complete stupidity.  However, I'm still trying to do my daily 40 knowing it is destroying the environment and occasionally I will let flatulence stream behind me.  This is also known to destroy the environment as studies from cow farts seem to produce the same effect.  Oh well!
On another note, I will not be meeting with the cross country people this June in Champaign.  I will be out of town but wish the riders and Tracy well.  More later.

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