Wednesday, April 15, 2015

First century (101.2 miles) bike ride of the year from Washington to Champaign. I was going to wait two days until April 15 but thought the ride would be....wait for it......wait for it..... too TAXING!! Ha. And, if you didn't like that one how about this. I had to lean my bicycle against my brothers garage because after the ride it couldn't stand alone.It was...wait for it..........two tired!! I know, I know too much time on the bike. The video is coming down Freddies Hill located between Goodfield and Congerville. Lance Armstrong speed without the drugs!!
Two rides planned.  Hopefully, in July,  I will be able to meet Harry in New Jersey and ride with Bob and Tom before they do the Anchor House ride.  Then in Sept. I am doing the Fat Tire Ride in Lake Geneva.  I did that last year and had a blast.  Still in the planning stage for the Great Alaska Highway ride.

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