Friday, July 19, 2013

That's right, it's hot and humid here in central Illinois. Today--96 degrees with high humidity. The temperature all week has been in the low to mid 90's with humidity in the 70-80% range. In addition, the county road workers need a reason to exist to they pour oil and rock chips to make the county roads nearly impassable for a bicyclist. So how do I adjust my biking routine? I golf!! Ha!! Yea, right me golf!! That's ridiculous. What are my other options. That's easy! "man up" "grow a pair" and hit the road!! That's right----mad dogs and Englishmen and noon day sun and all that other stuff. Go hot or go home. Road through the heat and humidity all week and loved it!! All a state of the mind!!


  1. I played golf when I worked...corporate requirement. Two years ago I gave the clubs to my grandson. I do intend to go back to golf when I get old.

  2. Well Bob, it looks like you won't be playing golf any time soon. You will never get old!!