Sunday, April 7, 2013

I violated one of my riding rules; Sunday is a rest day.  Monday through Thursday were inside rides, but Friday was an outdoor fifty miler so I felt I had put in enough miles for the week.  Yet, it was so nice outside, today, with virtually no wind and temperature in the 60's, I decided to ride.  Also, I looked at the forecast for next week and it looks like it will rain most of the week.   My only decision, then, was not if I were going to ride, but how far to go.  Feeling ambitious, motivated, and a little frisky off I went.  Todays route took me to one of my favorite places; the public square in Leroy.  And yes, I have ridden there many times, usually to visit a re hydration station; DJ's.  But since DJ's is not open on Sundays, the town square would have to do.  It was a 55 mile jaunt with no helping wind but it was a good ride with no near misses, dog attacks, punctures, or other impediments.  Looking forward to more good days so I can revert back to my usual Sunday rest.

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