Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 15th. Ides of March.  First outside ride of the Spring.  Looks like I should have played the number 5 in the lottery.  Friday is my ususal 55 mile ride.  The temperature hit 55 degrees and I biked to interstate 55.  I arrived home and looked at my bike computer and......that's right.  I covered the distance in 2 hours and.........55 minutes. 
   On another note, it looks like Hank is going to visit in June.  He is going to help with the support for this years CrossRoads trip  from Champaign to Boston.   I will pick him up in Chicago and be his chauffeur until we get to Champaign.  Look forward to seeing him.


  1. You must be the offical CR chauffeur for those who visit Champaign!

  2. It will be good to see you in Champaign. And of course riding with Bubba again after that. No rumble strips I hope. Oh yeah. In case you had not heard, I am doing XC13. Just have to try it again. Jan L.

  3. If you had bet on the fifth horse in the fifth race...he would have come in fifth!

  4. Barbi, yes I proclaim any riders who come to Champaign can use me for a chauffeur
    Jan, It will be great to see you again. And, I will keep reminding Hank he can't refer to women as "broads"!
    Jim, and when I'm finished I need to down a "fifth"