Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Started my ride today with the wind from the South at 15-20 mph and gusting to 25.  But, it was in the high 70's so I figured I wouldn't have many more outdoor rides before winter sets in.  Oddly enough, as I started the music that was playing on my head phone was...and yes I know I violated biking protocol....."Against the Wind".  Now what are the chances of that?  Knowing the wind would be strong, I reverted back to my cross country experience particularly the Delhart ride.  It is only difficult if the mind is convinced it is, so my entire mindset was that it is a beautiful day, I'm going to enjoy the weather and the wind cannot detour that fact.  As a result I really enjoyed the ride. 
Riding my bike today, I observed several caterpillars as they were working their way across the road. I noticed they had a particularly thick coat of fur this season. Without referencing Old Farmers Almanac I figured I knew the reason. It meant there would be at least six more weeks of Summer or an early Festivus season, complete with feats of strength. During a brief respite, as I sat under a lone FIG TREE in the middle of a corn field off Crugar Road, I continued pondering reasons for such an abundance of fuzz. Them it fell on me like NEWTONS 5th law of motion. I became as Enlightened as Buddha. The reason was clearly transparent (redundancy not intended). These caterpillars were part of Mitts 47%. They inched their way to Squirmlys fur emporium to get the extra coat they were ENTITLED to as members of order Lepidoptera. There! Simple! Conundrum resolved. Ok……. I get it…… to much alone time riding my bike!!

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