Friday, August 19, 2011

Good news-I haven't fallen since the first two days of riding with clips. However, as I am adjusting to spinning v mashing it has adversely impacted my knee. Hopefully I can work through this and if not I will return to mashing. I also need to cut back on my training rides. I have a hard time taking a day rest but I can tell my body needs it. A month from tomorrow the group rides the East Coast. I am writing this on my new laptop. It seems to be working fine. Looking forward to it so stay tuned. New pic


  1. I remember my first days with cleats. You need to learn to spontaneously unclip without hesitation. During your rides, occasionally think "STOP" and unclip. If you do this enough times, you will develop muscle memory; unclipping will become automatic.

    Spinning vs mashing. In theory, with cleats you can lift as well as mash, but most of us continue to mash the pedals. Choosing a lower gear and spinning can be advantageous, but don't overdo it. Just my two cents - which isn't worth very much these days.


    PS I just got back from Mexico. I've been off the bike for almost a month and now only have four weeks to get back in shape! Lots of miles in my future.

  2. Jim, thanks for the tips. As I am adjusting to the cleats I find that I often revert back to mashing but am getting comfortable with "spinning" esecially when I am in climbing mode. Look forward to seeing you next month.

  3. Nice photo...what part of Illinois is it?
    And ditto what Jim said on the cleats...One of (many) mysteries from my accident is how I managed to unclip. Either sheer force of the impact or the muscle memory Jim refers to.

  4. That's a picture from my backyark. I also own the brooklyn bridge!!