Saturday, June 18, 2011

Following the current xc011 group as they head into their final week. It looks like Barbie has resolved her knee issue and will be able to finish the ride. Harry is still being Harry--drinking Bood Lite. never far from "spanners" and living the dream! I mailed his bike carrier earlier this week and hopefully it will reach Boston by next Friday. Fedex guaranteed it would be there.
I rode my first century of the season on Thursday with no significant problems. It starts in Washington IL. and finishes in Champaign at my brothers condo. As usual, replenishing fluids were required for me to get my mojo into equilibrium. As a followup, I did my usual 40 mile ride yesterday to be sure my recovery was complete. I am looking forward to the East Coast ride. But now for the not so good news. Hank e-mailed me and has encountered some physical difficulties. Hopefully, he will recover sufficiently and be able to make the East Coast ride with me. I would have to have to break in another roommate. Hank is one of the good guys! On that note, I wish Barbie and Harry safe riding and favorable winds as they complete the trip to Boston.


  1. Your news about Hank does not sound good.He is truly one of the good guys, actually one of the best of the good guys. I truly wish him a speedy recovery - and certainly will also be hoping he can join us in Maine. Bob

  2. Hank mentioned he had broken a bone in his foot. Hopefully, he will make a full recovery and be able to join us for the East Coast ride