Sunday, January 9, 2011

Biking update. Just before New Years the temperature got up to an amazing 58 degrees here in central Illinois. The bad news was that the wind was blowing around 25-30 mph and it rained most of the day; a combination of the Delhart and Erie portion of the cross country ride. Still biking in the basement on a trainer and at the local rec center. I talked to Hank over the holidays and he is still undecided on the East Coast ride.
On another note, organizations are still requesting my cross country ride program. The Washington Historical Society program will be Jan. 24th. Hope everyone can be there. Ha!! I am tweeking the presentation to include more historical sites.
Now the not so good news. My knee, which has given me problems over the years, is not doing so well. I hope its just the weather but I know better. Several of my friends have suggested I will probably need a new knee. Hey! I'm way to young for a knee replacement. They say it will only last 30 years. I'm holding out as long as possible! However, if I decide to do it, it won't be until later after the East Coast ride. More later.