Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Unbelievable, here it is in the middle of November and I'm still riding outside. This is central Illinois not Florida but I'm loving it!! 70 degree temps with a 5-10 mph wind. Love this "global warming". Harry called yesterday and is planning a trip to the states when Barbie rides from Champaign to Boston in June. He indicated he might do the entire ride with Barbie starting in Champaign. I am definitely going to meet with them and perhaps ride to Crawsfordville IN. with them. Haven't decided yet but looking forward to meeting them in Champaign. I know all the women at Hubers will be looking forward to seeing Harry. Even though they couldn't understand a word he said they loved the British accent. If any of you other 09er"s have nothing better to do join us. It would make a great reunion. More later as I'm looking forward to avoiding my work schedule and doing my bike route the rest of the week. The temps are supposed to stay in the 60-70 degree range until the weekend with relatively light winds.

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  1. That crazy Brit! He said he has already talked to a few people... I can't wait to ride with people from XC09 again! I mailed in my deposit this week!