Saturday, July 24, 2010

About ready for my first century of the summer. Waiting for favorable winds and will be biking to Champaign Il. from Washington. Riders from the Cross Country ride remember will remember Champaign as a rest day in a university town. Bob, Tom, Hank and myself as well as Willie and his guests ate at Italian Inn. Later, many of the riders went to my favorite watering hole, Hubers. The wait staff still remember Harry and his "foreign" accent. They have asked if he plans on returning at some point. Apparently, Harry left quite an impression.
On another note, Ronni and I recently purchased a condo in Champaign so we will have a place to stay during our frequent visits. I am now officially "land poor" More on my century later.


  1. Mark your calendar. June 8th, 2011, I will be in Champaign to finish the trip to Boston. Hope to see you there. And with any luck, Bob will bet there too! Any maybe that guy that talks funny.

  2. June 8 - wow, less than a year away. And I am looking forward to visiting that Italian restaurant again....