Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wednesday I got very ambitious and did a 55 mile ride to Leroy. Yes, there is a Leroy Illinois. My usual stop is at a local bar where eighty something Doris always welcomes me with a "recovery" beverage. That ride again shows the universe is composed of yin and yang that equalizes everything. For example, riding into Bloomington in years past, after entering MeClane county on route 150 the road is horrible. Well, Wednesdays ride coming into McClain county, the road had been resurfaced and I was elated that the ride would be smooth and even. And it was. After going through Bloomington, I saw construction signs. Lo and behold, the road from Bloomington to down, about 10 miles was like riding over railroad tracks. Absolutely terrible riding conditions this Yin/Yang. Can't avoid it. Had two flat tires in my last three rides. I wonder what is going on but even though I am quite capable of changing flats, nevertheless is is bothersome.


  1. The conditions in Bloomingotm could not have been as bad as biking into Niles. I remember you sitting in the middle of the grass putting in another tube as you had gotten another flat that day.

  2. Ha! Good memory. Oddly enough I was determined the posse would not catch me and lo and behold I get a flat. I thought I could fix the flat before you guys,and Karen, caught me. Didn't happen so we all rode into Niles and stopped at a DQ for refreshments