Monday, April 5, 2010

Ok, so when I play golf, every once in awhile I hit a shot that is absolutely perfect. I sense your doubt but its true. Would I lie about something like that. Ahhh, maybe I would but you have to trust me on this. That's what keeps me coming back. While most of my shots are average at best and some are absolutely horrendous, that one shot is the one I remember. So I continue playing the silly game once again seeking that elusive shot. The same concept applies to riding a bicycle. While most days are average in terms of temperature, wind speed, and conditions in general, some are absolutely horrible with winds of 20 mph, a sudden rainstorm and a flat tire. But then there are those days with relatively no wind, temperature in the low 70's, no traffic; a perfect day to ride a bicycle. Well, today was that perfect day. Riding 45 miles in perfect conditions was a real treat. In fact, I thought about increasing my distance but other obligations would not allow it. While I still consider myself a Clydesdale, certainly not a racehorse, I averaged over 18 mph. Not bad by my standards. So, like that perfect golf shot I can't wait for tomorrow to recapture those perfect riding conditions. Obviously, its a long shot but one can still be optimistic!
Getting wanderlust and can't decide my next great adventure in the biking realm. Still considering the ALCAN highway but have encountered obstacles. None of which can't be overcome. When the decision is made I will post it. Had a great Easter and hope all of the followers of this blog did the same.
Wouldn't you know it. After my ride today, I took my bike in for it's annual tune-up. Just got a call that my entire drive train needs to be replaced. It seems like I wore down the bushings, derailer, and chain. I have only had the bike a little over a year and only rode it to church on Sunday. I wonder if its still under warrenty. Any suggestions?


  1. Champ, what components are on your bike? Shimano Ultegra, SRAM...? You might need a new chain, perhaps a new gear cluster, but you shouldn't have worn out a derailleur in a year's riding.


  2. Jim, Shimano and they showed it to me at the bike shop. The chain was double past the replacement stage so virtually everything was replaced at considerable expense. Hopefully, they didn't rip me off.

  3. Letting the chain maintenance go that far would do it. Hopefully, they don't have to replace the chain rings, too. My chain gets replaced every 2,000 miles - chains are cheaper than gear clusters, et al.

  4. Yep, had to replace the chain rings. A very expensive lesson for someone who has ridden a bike as long as I have and should have known better.