Friday, January 22, 2010

Okay, so in this blog I will attempt to answer the question of what was the best and worst ride of the 2009 cross country bike ride. Top three worst. 1. Tucumcari NM. to Delhart Texas. Not even a close call head winds of 20-30 mph in the morning gusting to 30 mph in the afternoon. 2. Albuquerque to Santa Fee-head winds, rain and a climb to 7,800 feet. Lost one of our riders!!. 3. Not even close, although riding into Erie Penn. was very wet, Hamburg NY to Caladaguea N.Y. torrential rain the entire day. Wet and soggy feet!!
Best days riding-St. Joe Missouri to Marysville-town cheering as we rode into town. 2. Riding into Dodge City Kansas. A tailwind which allowed us to easily ride 20 mph. 3. All rides in the Green Mountains of Vermont and White Mountains of New Hampshire. While the grade was severe, the scenery was magnificent.
For followers of this blog, note that my last presentation of the transcontinental ride across America to a group of high schoolers was met with a thunderous round of applause.
I am preparing for my trip to Mexico to spend time with Hank and Carol. Looking forward to the journey and hope that all the rain inundating southern California hasn't affected the southern tip of the Baha peninsula.

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