Saturday, July 4, 2009

The blog continues. My friend Kevin is working on a slide show production of my trip. I am going to share this with groups or individuals interested in seeing it. Five groups have already asked for a presentation.
Donations for the Central Illinois Alzheimers Assn. are still coming in. It is still not to late to contribute. Any amount is appreciated.
On my request to stay a night in the Obama White House Lincoln Bedroom, I have heard rumors it takes a $100,000 contribution to the Democratic party to even be considered. I hope not. I'm sure someone out there in the Obama administration will take pity on a poor retired history teacher who biked across America and wants to share the positive attributes of my experience with the country in this recessionary period. I am a patient person. I await eagerly by the phone (or e-mail) for the invite.


  1. Good to see that you are continuing the blog. I have already been back to work for a week. My bike was received last week and I am back on the bike. However, I need a new goal. During my plane trip back I met a women who is a consultant in the education field and we started taling about my bike trip. She came up with the idea of combining biking with visiting historical places around cities with school kids.. Since you are a history teacher perhaps you are interested in that idea. I already told Willie about the idea as he had mentioned he might want to do something in the teaching profession.


  2. Sounds like a good idea. The logistics would be interesting to deal with. Maybe something I would be interested in doing. Thanks for the heads up.